Saturday, August 6, 2011

Bachelorette Outing & Java Jungle

Last night we ladies took Angela out for drinks... to celebrate these last couple weeks of being a bachelorette! It was so much fun to hang out with the girls.

Marlee has been telling me for a while about this place near her apartment called Java Jungle. She and I finally took Jonah and Caleb there, and they had a blast. It's an indoor play place for kids with lots of slides, tunnels, and things to climb on. I think we could have spent an entire day there, and the boys would have been happy. I took a bunch of pictures and videos. Enjoy!

This little one got into it just as much as his big brother.

Jonah on the balance beam

Caleb was awesome at the balance beam

The tunnel was a big hit

as well as the slide

Okay, here are a bunch of videos. The first one is of Caleb, for those of you who have not witnessed him really walking. That's why I took this one.

The rest are from Java Jungle. You'll see in one of these that Jonah found a little girl he became friends with. They spent a lot of time chasing each other around and playing tag. It was so cute! And if you can't hear Jonah, on one part he says to her, "Wanna come and get me?" He loves to be chased!

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Andrea said...

I haven't been looking at your blog all summer, Anna, because I've been with you most of the time! So many cute pictures and videos! I miss you all!