Thursday, September 29, 2011

The Time Has Come

...for posting on the blog again! It has been a while, but we have had a very crazy summer, being separated from Luke and living in a different place every couple of weeks. This has made for some challenges, the least of which has been finding time to sit at the computer and blog about the day's events.
Just to give you a little update, after my sister Angela's wedding in August, Luke started his new job in lower MI at St. Catherine of Siena Academy, and it has gone very well so far! We had the wonderful offer from my brother Walter and his wife Kim to stay at their house, so we lived with them for the first 3 weeks while Luke got settled into the new job and we searched for a place to live. Now we are in a condo in Walled Lake, and it's a temporary place for us while we wait. Wait for what, you might ask? We have an offer in on an old farmhouse in Hartland, but it's a short sale, so we must wait for the bank to seal our fate, which could take months.
So it's time for some pictures and videos. As you can imagine, I have a lot. I'm going to begin with the most recent, however, and go backwards. I hope you enjoy!
Here are some from Jonah's birthday...

Cousin Daniel loves Jonah's big puppy!

I recall Luke trying to build a tower with Jonah's new blocks, but this picture shows that he had to give up at the hands of Dominic, Jonah, and Caleb. No tower is going to stand with those three monkeys around!
Grammy, Pop, and Auntie Teresa are on their way to visit us... so I had to give the boys haircuts yesterday. We went over to Aunt Maria's house, and haircutting was one of our many activities! Thanks to The Wiggles, it was a pretty smooth operation.

Talk about lounging!!! Look at Daniel!

And just a few videos... enjoy, and love to all!

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Jen Raiche said...

Glad to hear you guys are doing well!


God's will be done! We'll pray St. Joseph will help to speed up the short sale.